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ArmSoM is thrilled to announce that latest product Sige7 has successfully integrated the RK3588 processor, connecting the high-compute Hailo-8 development board via PCIe, and has achieved an astonishing 32TOPS compute power (RK3588 6TOPS + Hailo-8 26TOPS). This technological innovation milestone will bring unprecedented compute performance and application possibilities across industries.


Due to the increasing demand for edge computing in the age of digital transformation, ArmSom has introduced RK3588 processor in Sige7 and connected the high-compute Hailo-8 development board via PCIe to provide users with a powerful and efficient edge computing solution.

What is the ArmSoM Sige7 capable of?

1. Forceful RK3588 Processor

The RK3588 processor in Sige7 is ArmSoM’s latest generation high-performance processor with a multi-core architecture and excellent computing capabilities. Its advanced process technology and versatile hardware interfaces provide superior processing performance and flexibility to our product.

2. Hailo-8 High-Compute Development Board via PCIe

By connecting the Hailo-8 high-compute development board via PCIe, Sige7 boosts the compute power to 32TOPS, bringing more powerful performance to users. Hailo-8 is an AI accelerator designed specifically for edge computing. Its unique architecture and efficient algorithms provide excellent AI processing capabilities to our product.

3. Multi-Scenario Application

With the external Hailo-8 up to 32Tops, Sige7 can be widely used in multiple fields, easily handling tasks from image processing to object detection and speech recognition, creating more possibilities across industries.

Hailo-8 focuses on delivering high-performance deep learning inference solutions. Designed to meet the needs of various edge computing applications, Hailo-8 features low power consumption, high performance and small form factor.

Here are some key application scenarios of Hailo-8:

  1. Smart Cameras and Surveillance Systems: Hailo-8 can be used in smart security cameras for real-time object detection, face recognition and behavior analysis. Its efficient inference enables more accurate scene analytics to improve security and efficiency.

  2. Automated and Assisted Driving Systems: In automotive, Hailo-8 helps process complex perception tasks like road segmentation, pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition, etc. Its edge compute capabilities significantly improve the real-time performance and efficiency of automated driving systems.

  3. Smart IoT Devices: Hailo-8 can be embedded into various IoT devices including intelligent appliances, sensors, robots, etc to provide advanced deep learning inference capabilities for smart home, smart city, industrial IoT.

  4. Edge Servers and Edge Platforms: Hailo-8 can also be integrated into edge servers and platforms to process large amounts of data generated at the edge. This helps improve the speed of data analytics and decision making while reducing reliance on the cloud.

  5. Medical Imaging Analytics: In healthcare, Hailo-8 enables image analysis, medical image processing and diagnostic assistance. Its high performance and low power consumption make it suitable for portable medical devices and imaging systems.

  6. AI Edge Gateways: Hailo-8 helps build AI edge gateways that connect sensors and devices, providing real-time analytics and processing of local data to ease the burden on cloud services.

In summary, Hailo-8 covers application scenarios across many fields that require deep learning inference on edge devices. Its high efficiency and low power characteristics enable outstanding performance for edge computing use cases.

Product Benchmarks and Success Stories

The performance of Sige7 has been validated across industries, with highly positive customer feedback. The 32Tops computing power allows our product to excel at handling complex workloads, improving production efficiency and data processing speed.

1. Unprecedented AI Performance and Energy Efficiency

Hailo-8 vs. Xavier NX & Orin Nano 4GB/8GB

2. Smaller Size, Lower Cost, Similar Performance

Sige7 is 92mm × 62mm, more compact than the 100mm x 79mm Jetson Nano dev kit.

Sige7 costs almost half as much as the Jetson Nano.

3. Demo Case Study

There is viedo show of Sige 7 with hailo-8,30-channel 1080p object detection,please follow our Bilibili channel for more details : ArmSoM

Technological Innovation and Future Outlook

The success of Sige7 highlights ArmSoM’s technological innovation capabilities in edge computing.

We will continue to advance hardware technologies to provide users with more advanced solutions. We look forward to exploring more applications with customers and creating new possibilities in the digital era.


With the launch of Sige7, ArmSoM has once again proved our leading position in hardware design and innovation. Featuring the RK3588 processor and external Hailo-8 high-compute development board, our product is not only eye-catching, but also brings endless possibilities to users.We hope Sige7 drives digital transformation through success across industries.

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