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Shipping Policy

Thank you for choosing ArmSoM! To provide clarity and ensure a seamless shopping experience, we present our Shipping Policy. Please review the information below before making any purchase:

Delivery Time Calculation

  • Your delivery time comprises the processing time and shipping time. Typically, orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

  • Once all items are ready for shipment, you'll receive an order confirmation email with tracking information.

International Shipping & Rates

  • Besides Standard Shipping, we offer Express Shipping to some countries. Estimated delivery times are 7 to 21 business days for Standard and 5 to 15 business days for Express.

  • Please note that these are approximate estimates, and actual shipping times may vary according to flights and cargo schedules and seasonal factor etc.

  • If you are unsure about whether we are able to deliver to your place, please talk to us( before placing an order.

Tracking Service

Tracking numbers for your orders will be provided via email, and you can also find them in the "My Account" . If your parcel hasn't arrived within 30 days of shipping, contact us with your order number.

Import Duties and Taxes

Tracking numbers for your orders will be provided via email, and you can also find them in the "My Account" . If your parcel hasn't arrived within 30 days of shipping, contact us with your order number.

Lost Mail

While we are not liable for any lost mail after processing and shipping, we are here to assist you. If you encounter any issues with lost mail, please contact us for support.

After-Sales Policy

The Company provides a 12-month warranty from the goods' delivery date, warranting against defects. Additionally, the company will, at its discretion, repair or replace goods found to be damaged or defective due to faulty materials, workmanship, or design,free of charge. However, this obligation will not apply:

  • if the defect results from unauthorized alterations or repairs by the customer (or end customer upon resale) without written consent from the company;


  • if the customer fails to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for storage, usage, installation, or maintenance of the goods;


  • If the customer fails to notify the company of any defect within 5 working days of receiving the parcel, where the defect should have been reasonably apparent upon reasonable inspection

After-Sales Service Process

Upon reaching out to ArmSoM, kindly provide a detailed description of the product issue. Our technical support team will make every effort to diagnose and resolve the problem using our forum, email, telephone, or remote assistance.


If your issue persists after a round of online communication, you may be required to return the product to ArmSoM for additional testing.


ArmSoM will organize services based on the product's warranty type(Return/Exchange/Warranty)

Table of Product Warranty Periods

*For accessories under USD50, the warranty period is 3 months.

RK3576,RK3588,RK3576 board,RK3588 board

Return & Exchange Policy

return&exchange policy

At ArmSoM, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases. To ensure a transparent and fair process, please familiarize yourself with our Return & Exchange Policy:

  • Under normal circumstances, returns, exchanges, and refunds are not supported unless the received items differ from your order or are defective.

  • We do not entertain returns for change-of-mind purchases.

Inspection, Defects, and Non-Delivery

  • The customer is required to promptly inspect the goods upon delivery. The company is not responsible for any defects unless written notice is provided within 5 working days from the delivery date.

  • The company bears no liability for non-delivery unless the customer provides written notice of non-delivery more than 21 working days from when the order was placed. Subject to the condition, the company's liability for non-delivery, non-performance, or defective goods reported upon delivery is limited to timely replacement or refunding the price paid for the defective goods.

Return& Exchange Items &Procedure

  • Upon confirming defects or quality issues, or incorrect goods, we will provide information on the return or exchange procedure.

  • In case of exchanges, the fee of shipping for the second time is waived.

  • For items that are incorrect, the product packaging, accessories, gifts, and instructions must remain unopened, without any external damage. The product should not have been activated for use, ensuring that it does not impact its resale.

  • Within 5 natural days after the customer receives the goods, it is found that the product has a performance failure that is not caused by the user or other external causes.

  • Items returned without prior notification will not be accepted.

  • Delay cannot never be a reason for a refund.

  • Ensure that the products are in their original condition, with undamaged and unused packaging.

  • The customer is responsible for returning goods to the company and for providing proof of delivery of such return.

  • Please arrange for the return of the item(s) to us within 15 days.

Refund Details

  • The refund will exclude delivery or return postage costs.

  • If approved, refunds will be processed within 5 business days through your original payment method.

  • If it has been over 7 business days since we approved your return, kindly get in touch with us.

Out of Stock Items

We continuously update the availability of our products; however, there may be instances where certain items are out of stock or face delivery constraints. In the unfortunate event that this occurs with your purchased items, you have the option to exchange them for other items of equivalent value within your original purchase amount. Please note that any price difference will not be refunded.


Users should follow ArmSoM's return process for defective products. Upon receiving the defective item, ArmSoM covers inspection, material, labor, and courier fees for quality defects(under warranty). Unsuccessful deliveries and non-compliance with return requirements may result in costs for users.


Fees for services or returns of non-qualifying products are at the customer's expense. Damages not covered by the free warranty incur various fees. Only products from the official ArmSoM store enjoy specified after-sales services.


For items bought from ArmSoM Authorized Agents or Distributors, only repair services are provided. Returning products across regions requires ArmSoM's approval, with the customer bearing customs duties.Damages due to logistics must be reported within 72 hours according to the logistics company's process.

Pre-order/Back-order Terms & Conditions

When you engage in pre-orders or back-orders on ArmSoM, it's important to understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Placing a Pre-order/Back-order

  • Pre-orders refer to products not yet manufactured or available for delivery, while back-orders involve temporarily out-of-stock items that were previously available.

  • To place a pre-order or back-order, you must provide necessary information like your name, address, and billing details. It's crucial to ensure this information is accurate and up-to-date for effective communication.


  • Full payment is required for pre-orders and back-orders. Failed pre/back-orders will be fully refunded within 5 business days.

  • We retain the right to decline your offer, and your offer becomes officially accepted only when the pre-ordered or back-ordered product is dispatched.

  • As for the payment of customized and bulk orders, please directly contact


Upon placing a pre-order/back-order, you'll receive a standard order confirmation. We'll notify you when your pre-ordered/back-ordered item is about to be shipped.


  • Orders will be shipped as soon as possible based on product availability.

  • Release or restock dates are subject to change, and we are not liable for any modifications to these dates.


Pre-orders and back-orders cannot be canceled once placed. We create reservations with suppliers, making it impossible to cancel orders with them.

We reserve the right to amend these policies, so please check our website for updates. Thank you for choosing ArmSoM!

Contact ArmSoM Service Center



  1. Types of After-Sales Service(Return/Exchange/Warranty)or Pre-order/Back-order

  2. purchase channel (store name or other channels) + order number + product model


*The interpretation of this Terms of service is the responsibility of ArmSoM.

These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous issues. Issued Jan 2024

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