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Rockchip RK3588 
506pin, small, powerful

ArmSoM-LM7 Rockchip RK3588 Mini system-on-module
ArmSoM-LM7 Rockchip RK3588 Octa-core Processor
Octa-core Processor
ArmSoM-LM7 Rockchip RK3588  Mali-G610 MP4
Mali-G610 MP4
ArmSoM-LM7 Rockchip RK3588 6 TOPS NPU
ArmSoM-LM7 Rockchip RK3588 6 TOPS NPU
RK3588 All pin
mini size
Mini Size

Faster CPU Performance

Quad-core ARM Cortex-A76 MPCore processor and quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 MPCore  processor

ArmSoM-LM7 Rockchip RK3588 CPU

Powerful GPU

LM7 has an integrated 4-core GPU, the ARM Mali-G610 MP4 (up to 1GHz clock speed) which supports a lag-free 4K user interface. 3D rendering has been greatly improved and you can play expansive open-world online games, console games and even some AAA titles.

ArmSoM-LM7 Rockchip RK3588 GPU

High Performance NPU

LM7 has a built-in NPU which provides up to 6 TOPS (tera operations per second) of neural network processing. The NPU supports mainstream deep learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow, Pytorch, MxNET and so on. The powerful RK3588 brings optimized neural network performance to various A.I. applications. 

Rockchip RK3588 NPU

LM7 display interfaces

LM7 has four video output ports, each video output port is bound to a fixed display controller, such as Port0 can be used to connect with display controllers such as DP0, DP1, HDMI/eDP0 and HDMI/eDP1, other Portx and so on.
Each Portx has its own maximum resolution:

  • Port0 can output up to 7680x4320@60Hz

  • Port1 can output up to 4096x2304@60Hz

  • Port2 can output up to 4096x2304@60Hz

  • Port3 can output up to 1920x1080@60Hz