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About Us.

Who are Armsom?
Born from a shared passion for open-source innovation and freedom, ArmSoM was established in 2021 by a team of spirited young developers.

Originally founded in Shenzhen, ArmSoM plans to relocate its headquarters to Singapore over the next three years in order to access a global pool of like-minded talent.

Our commitment is to equip the open-source community with superb hardware, robust firmware, and extensive documentation. Simultaneously upholding open-source values, we deliver customizable and dependable ODM solutions to meet business needs globally. 

Our Mission

ArmSoM thrives on open-source software and hardware, rallying developers to collectively drive innovation. Through collaborative creation with our community, we engineer cutting-edge solutions that address real needs and empower end users.

Our History





  • December,Founded

The AIM7 is the world's first System-on-Module(SOM) to utilize the RK3588, with full pin compatibility with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano/TX2 NX.

We have launched our pioneering ArmSoM branded Single Board Computer(SBC), the Sige7. It has made a big impression thanks to its affordable pricing and compact size, with dimensions no greater than a credit card.

We have launched our first System-on-Module(SOM):LM7 featuring the ArmSoM brand, with dimensions half the size of a credit card, unleashing the remarkable capabilities of the RK3588 chipset.

The P2pro is our first open-source hardware product, optimized for IoT and voice applications.

 The brand name "ArmSoM" was first registered on 10 December 2021.

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