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Why ArmSoM chooses to develop RK3588-based products pin-compatible with Jetson Nano

Updated: Feb 3

Introduction:It signified an important technical decision when armsom decided to adopt the RK3588 to develop a product pin-compatible with Jetson Nano , providing developers and manufacturers greater flexibility. This article explains why we chose RK3588 and how pin compatibility with Jetson Nano is achieved.

Jetson Nano has been a leading product in embedded computing, with powerful performance and abundant capabilities, widely welcomed by developers and manufacturers. However, armsom believes that adopting the Rockchip RK3588 to develop a Jetson Nano pin-compatible product will bring new opportunities and advantages to the field of embedded computing.

Background:Jetson Nano is an excellent embedded computing platform launched by NVIDIA, with outstanding performance in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. However, with the continuous evolution of technology, market demands for more features and greater flexibility are also growing. Therefore, our company decided to adopt the RK3588 chipset to develop an entirely new product that is pin-compatible with Jetson Nano while providing more performance and capabilities.

Why choose RK3588:

  1. Excellent performance: The RK3588 chipset features Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A76 and Quad-Core Cortex-A55 , equipped with a Mali-G610 GPU. The 8-core CPU provides superb multi-core performance, 8K video codec, and dual 16M ISP processing capabilities suitable for complex computing tasks and machine learning workloads.

  2. Multifunctionality: RK3588 supports various peripherals including multiple USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, DP output, Ethernet, PCIe, Mipi CSI, etc., meaning it can easily meet the needs of diverse applications.

  3. AI acceleration: The integrated NPU (neural processing unit) of RK3588 accelerates deep learning inference, making it an ideal choice for AI tasks.

  4. Low power consumption: Compared to its performance, RK3588 has outstanding power efficiency, which is crucial for embedded devices, especially battery-powered products.

How pin compatibility with Jetson Nano is achieved

Armsom R&D team has accumulated extensive experience in RK3588 development. In 2022, we have already mass-produced core boards in Jetson Nano form factor (see below armsom-3588-PCIE product). Currently, the R&D team has completed evaluation for pin compatibility with Jetson Nano.

While fully compatible, we will also optimize and reuse pins based on RK3588's capabilities.

Product Highlights:

Based on the RK3588 chipset, armsom will develop an embedded computing product, armsom-AIM7, with the following highlights:

  1. Jetson Nano pin compatibility: We ensure pin compatibility with Jetson Nano for seamless migration of existing hardware and devices to our new product.

  2. Excellent performance: The product will deliver excellent performance suitable for diverse computing needs including machine learning, computer vision, and data analytics.

  3. Abundant interfaces: Multiple USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, DP output, Ethernet, PCIe, Mipi CSI make our product highly flexible for various applications.

  4. AI support: The integrated NPU enables our product to easily handle complex AI tasks.

  5. Low power design: The product will have outstanding energy efficiency, extending battery life and reducing operating costs.

Conclusion:Developing an RK3588-based product pin-compatible with Jetson Nano will bring armsom to the forefront of technology. It will enable seamless transition of existing hardware and devices to the new product while providing greater performance and capabilities. We look forward to bringing more innovations and solutions to our customers, empowering them to gain competitive advantages in the evolving embedded computing market.

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