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ArmSoM Open Source Community Achieves RK3588M/3588J Verification and Mass Production for Industrial and Automotive Applications

Updated: Jan 16

The ArmSoM open source community has successfully completed industrial and automotive grade verification of products based on the Rockchip RK3588M/3588J chips. We have also completed certifications and released Goldfinger core boards, stamp hole core boards, and LGA package core boards to provide customers with whole mass production solutions.

Currently, our RK3588 based solutions have completed  hardware verification, from memory and storage to electronic components, connectors, and materials. Our solutions have passed technical scheme verification, production verification, productization verification, and mass production verification. They have already been validated in real-world commercial deployments and fully reached practical quality standards.

The main parameters of the ArmSoM open source community’s RK3588 core boards are as follows:

The ArmSoM open source community offers LGA package core boards, Goldfinger core boards, and stamp hole core boards built on the RK3588M/RK3588J/RK3588 SoCs, enabling comprehensive support for industrial regulation requirements. These modular core boards allow easy customization of functional baseboards to serve varied industry use cases.

We warmly welcome ODM orders from all around the world.

You can reach us via direct email at or  for any customization requirements.

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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